We are now creating a massive online social platform where you can reach others who share the same love for gaming, chase a new high and build a new future for digital-self

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Metaverse, NFTs & Gaming

Not one, but many..

Not one, but many..:border

If you found your way here, does that mean you’ve come to answer the distress call? Did he send you? Or was it someone else?

You’re not one of them right?

No, you have to be human… You are one of many and we have been looking for more than one. Well, stop dilly dallying! Get a move on, click on read more! We don’t have much time.

Metaverse, NFTs & Gaming Metaverse, NFTs & Gaming Metaverse, NFTs & Gaming

Create Your Own Digital Self Be one with the grid; Your time, your experience, your style

Appearances are a glimpse into whatever personality resides within you, and your outward expression of self.

Thus, customization is key and in the Micro-verse, you can express yourself and tailor your Avatar to perfection.

Metaverse, NFTs & Gaming Metaverse, NFTs & Gaming Metaverse, NFTs & Gaming

Create Your Own World Shape your own experience

Be the Monarch of your own kingdom or simply the owner of a humble home.

Within the Micro-Verse, the normal laws of creation and material do not apply.
In the Micro-Verse you are in full control of your own creation.

Within your own personal universe, you can shape the world around you into the smallest of details, as well as govern the rules and limitations of your space.

Unlock, play and explore, your own personal world without creative limitations, customizing it to fit your own needs.

Create Your Own World  | Shape your own experience
Couch Heroes | Collect, Trade, Play
Couch Heroes | Collect, Trade, Play

Collect, Trade, Play Log in, play, no catch up’s. Your time, your leisure, your choice matters.

Have you ever wanted all your favourite games to exist within the same space? Well, look no further!

Embark upon a new type of adventure, where you are in control of your own experience.
Collect everything! From weapons, to armour and appearances: to pets, art, furniture and so much more.

We all enjoy doing different things in many types of games but in Couch Heroes, you don’t have to pick and choose. You can do it all! Alone or with friends, there is something for everyone.

Join the community

Join the community

Be the change you want to be, join us in helping make gaming a better place.